How Can You Get a Cashback on Amazon India?

Sankar Shubham

Amazon is really a one-stop-shop for almost every product you may wish to buy. But it would be nice to be able to get some cash back for all the money that you spend on this platform. The good news is that there are many ways in which you can get such cashbacks. 

Here are some ways to get a cashback when shopping on Amazon India.

Cashback on Shopping

Check for cashback offers while shopping on Amazon. When you click on a product, at the bottom of the product details will be information about deals and offers. That is where you will find information about the cashback offers available on that product. 

When you click on the box that says cashback offers, you will find all the offers for cashbacks listed there. You can click on each of those offers and read through the terms and conditions carefully to decide which offer you would like to avail. 

Most of the times, the cashback offers are based on your use of Amazon Pay. And, as we said earlier, it is important to view the terms and conditions of the offer. You will need to meet the eligibility criteria and also carry out the actions mentioned in the terms and conditions before you will be allowed to get the offer.  

While there are daily deals, the biggest cashback offers are usually given during sale days. So, it would be a good idea to keep a track of the sale days on your calendar. Earmark the products that you are planning to buy and then check for cashback offers on those products. 

Cashback on Bank Cards

Keep an eye out for cashback offers when you use your bank cards. You can get some great cashback deals when you use your debit or credit cards. All the RBI approved bank cards such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI and so on will offer great cashback deals – especially during sale days. For example, the Raksha Bandhan sale scheduled to take place in August 2022 is going to have a lot of cashback offers by banks. 

You can also check your bank’s website for cashback offers. For example, ICICI Bank advertises the Amazon India cashback offer on their website, where you can earn as much as 8% cashback on Mobiles, Electronics, Fashion, and so on. 

If you use your SBI debit or credit card on Amazon India purchases, you are promised a 10% cashback if you have used the Amazon website, and a 15% cashback if you have used the Amazon app. 

Cashback on Amazon Pay

One of the best ways to get cashback offers are through Amazon Pay. In fact, most of the cashback offers on Amazon are linked with Amazon pay. We are saying this the third time, but it is that important that shoppers go through the terms and conditions of the offers before making any purchases. Most of the bad customer experiences on cashbacks happen because shoppers did not go through the terms of the offer carefully, and because of this, missed out on their cashbacks. 

Each offer will have its own terms and conditions and cashbacks will be credited to your Amazon Pay account on that basis. Cashbacks are usually credited within 72 hours of you having fulfilled the terms of the offer (which usually entails you having received the item you bought). 

These cashback offers cannot be transferred or exchanged. Therefore, if the purchase was made from your account, then the cashback will be credited to your Amazon Pay balance – not to another shopper’s. 

Cashback on Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

And if you apply for an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card, then you are looking at 365 days of guaranteed cashbacks. When you apply for this card, you get a flat Rs.300 back. You also get 30% back up to Rs. 400 when you shop on Amazon using this credit card. Prepaid recharges can earn you 50% cashbacks up to Rs. 100. If you buy movie tickets using this card, then you can earn a cashback of 20% up to Rs. 250. Electricity bill payments earn you a 20% cashback up to $150. Bus tickets earn you 12% cashback up to Rs.350, and postpaid bill payments can earn you 25% cashback up to Rs. 250. 

Cashback Websites

While this concept is relatively new in India, it is definitely catching on. Cashback website act similar to shopping portals. When you shop at online stores through these websites, you earn cashbacks. Since these websites are affiliates of selling platforms such as Amazon, they earn commissions every time they redirect shoppers to the seller’s website. 

Some of the top cashback websites in India today are CashKaro, Freekaamaal, PaisaWapas, EarnKaro and CouponDunia. When you visit these cashback websites, you will need to search for the retailer you wish to shop with, in this case, Amazon. 

Once you find Amazon, you can go through the list of cashback offers they have. Select the deal that you like best and then go ahead and make your purchases on Amazon (following the instructions given on the cashback offer). Once you have fulfilled the terms of the offer, your cashback will be credited to your account with the cashback website. And once you have collected at least Rs. 250 in cashbacks, then you can transfer the money to your bank account, or redeem that money as an Amazon Gift Card. 

There are even some websites that will offer you cashbacks for your Amazon Gift Cards! So, check out the top cashback websites, do your research and then go ahead and earn money while you shop. 

Amazon Prime Cashback Offers

Another big cashback cache is from your Amazon Prime account. For Prime members, Amazon gives some exclusive and rather lucrative cashback offers. 


Cashbacks come in all shapes and sizes. As you can see, you can get cashbacks from shopping on Amazon India, from using Amazon Pay, from using Bank Cards affiliated with Amazon, shopping on Amazon Prime, other retailers, and from Cashback sites. The key to being successful at getting cashbacks is going through the terms of the offers very carefully and fulfilling all the conditions laid out.